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Heating cables

img_cavi-scaldantiThe caracteristic of C DESIGN heating cable for internal consists in the particular structure adopted for the realization of the cable: the resistive element is double and the two components coexist in parallel throughout the length of the cable. This particular configuration causes the electric current flowing in the first resistive element generates a magnetic field of intensity proportional to the current in transit, the same current passing in the element parallel generates a magnetic field of the same intensity as the previous but of opposite sign: this effect determines the cancellation of the respective magnetic fields guaranteeing the total absence of electrosmog. 

This type of cable is also suitable for wall heating (infill behind plasterboard, within plasters, etc.).

The cable can be supplied packed in rolls, preformed strips of a standard width of 50 cm assembled with tape or network. All products have different lengths and powers to meet any need.




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