The Company

Which is the best way to introduce ourselves? Through what we create and what we say.
Each field of the worldwide industrial production has always set as priority goal profit and gain at the expenses of our ecosystem. Nowadays, the great level of earth pollution forces people to change their mind and investigate new ways of creating an healthy world.
C DESIGN wants to give you the chance to test this ECOPROGRESS in order to let you live a better daily life. We think of you even before starting to design heating for your house: we think of you, your necessities expectations.
C DESIGN research and development department is always studying new manners of giving you maximum comfort, creating a completely satisfying habitat. Moreover, we comes out from a long lasting experience in manufacturing heating elements, cables and systems in general. Always facing on new house exigencies, we try to shape our work and develop new heating technologies.

Our great level of attention towards environment problems is obliging us to look for an eco-friendly technologic development.
Reducing emission in the atmosphere is one of the most important goal for improving air quality. This is also our key purpose: C DESIGN spreads heat and comfort in each corner of your building. Our mission is to heat your desires always remembering that design must be accessible and respectful towards human being, earth, air and water.

Ergonomics is the study of designing equipments and devices that fit human body and space conception. This scientific subject help us to understand methods, systems and projects which can augment comfort and relax inside our house. Everyone has its own personal need: accordingly, C DESIGN studies every singular detail in order to let people living a better life. This is the reason why we are particularly proud of projects we have developed until now.
Like a dressmaker who creates a tailored dress, C DESIGN realizes its products upon customers’ need and request.