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Floor heating

The main characteristics of heating with C DESIGN heating cable are:

1 - Easy to put in

2 - Minumum space: only 4 mm

3 - No maintenance

4 - No magnetic fields

5 - Plant performance as the first day even after 20 years (in all weathers)

The floor heating system with C DESIGN heating cable is designed to simplify the installation of heating in any building site, thus optimizing the thickness of the installation. Is suitable for any kind of installation: from the traditional one, with the cable immersed in cement screed, to the more thermally reactive one, installing the cable in glue laying of the finish of the floor.

The infrared radiation created by C DESIGN is suitable for restorations and in any context where the space reserved for the heating is reduced and traditional hydronic systems may not meet the quota ceiling provided by law. The maximum space needed for the heating system C DESIGN is of only 4 mm and with the installation of glue laying of the finish of the floor the installation does not require any centimeter more than dimensions considered for the simple rebuilding of the finishing of the existing floor. It can be installed in any surface: tiles, terracotta, wood, carpet, linoleum, etc.

The particular construction technology of C DESIGN heating cable (double-resistive element placed in parallel) ensure total absence of magnetic fields. The total absence of liquid makes it totally maintenance-free while maintaining the yield of the first day even after 20 years with any weathers.

The management of the installation is made with cronothermostats which control the ambient temperature of the room and also have the task of controlling the temperature of the screed to observe the law (UNI EN 1264-4:2003): "... not exceed 29 ° C in environments where normally stays and 33 ° C in the bathrooms." A control unit executes a further control of the instantaneous power turned on to prevent an overrun of the power of the electrical contactor installated.

C DESIGN products are strictly Italian production.

The role of C DESIGN is to propose advanced heating systems with the aim of providing the market with excellent solutions.

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