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Big spaces, Industrial applications, Renovations


Industrial Applications
Industrial surfaces are wide and their ceilings are high: all these characteristics can be frightening under the point of view of
maintenance and energy consumption. C DESIGN low consumption heating systems can delete these problems, thanks to low installation costs and not existing maintenance costs. Our floor heating creates the desired temperature only at head height and not in higher parts which are not used: this let our customers saving money. Moreover, it permits boilers and other heating component removal and it avoids pollution in the atmosphere.

Big spaces
C DESIGN floor heating is ideal to heat big spaces for few hours per day, five or six days per week. The peculiar feature of our system is the fast way in which it starts being perfectly functional. In case of wide surfaces such as hospitals, rest homes, station waiting rooms or general buildings when heating needs to work 24 hours per day, our heating system can reach maximum level of optimization of operating time, always controlling costs. It is comfortable, it spreads heat in a homogeneous way, it avoids powder movement, it avoids creating alcoves on walls always paying attention to energy consumption.

C DESIGN low consumption systems are adaptable to each type of covering: terracotta tiles, parquet, ceramics, marble. It is ideal in renewals and renovations where it is not possible to increase floor depth: our heating cable needs only 4 mm space.